Q: What does DIY ESS mean ?
A: DIY = Do It Yourself & ESS = Energy Storage System

Q: What does it do ?
A: It watches your power Usage along with your Solar and/or Wind Generation, and stores the surplus into LiFePO4 batteries, for later use; It overall improves the self-consumption of your generated electricity

Q: How long does it take to build it ?
A: It should take around 2 weeks evenings or 2 week ends to build it

Q: Do I get all the parts with the Kit ?
A: With Kit #1, you will have to purchase the parts / components yourself using the Components List that comes with this level of the Kit
With Kit #2, all the Control Board Components are included, which is a time and money saver

Q: What is Wattson, I can not find it in my country
A: Wattson is the base of this ESS and will be available shortly in the USA

To be continued ...
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  1. Replies
    1. For now, only Kit #1 and Kit #2 are available; But to get to Kit #3 you only have to buy your Chargers and Grid Tie Inveters yourself, which is easy and pretty fast (a week or two)